Sunday, July 30, 2006

“Publicly Accessible Open Space” Closes in Manhattan

Similar concept at the Gowanus Houses

From today’s Times: a story by Jennifer Bleyer about how private "public space" is used at Masaryk Towers, a Mitchell-Lama project in lower Manhattan. Many of the 5,000 residents of the Baruch Houses use the passage - in preference to the poorly developed public streets. Now Masaryk Towers has decided to close the space. “It’s nothing Machiavellian”, says the vice president of the management company, “We’re just trying to reduce annual operating costs”.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi. This is kind of off-topic, but I was browsing your links, and I noticed The Architect's Newspaper is putting out a Devolpment Issue. As of yet, there is NOTHING about AY or FCN in it. What, do they only care about Manhattan? I'm not an architect, but I think you should get your fellow architects to bombard them with angry emails. I sent one, but who am I? Not even a suscriber.

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